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Welcome to OACSA!

Our Mission

To ensure equitable access to community school options for all Ohio students by advocating for, and adhering to, high quality sponsoring practices and decision-making.

Our Vision

To eliminate barriers to quality educational opportunities for all Ohio students by promoting and demonstrating quality sponsorship.

Our Focus

We lead the sponsorship community in Ohio, bringing together non-profits, school districts, educational service centers, and advocates for principled, quality sponsorship work.

We connect Ohio sponsors, and serve as a catalyst for sharing and implementing high quality sponsoring standards and practices among all sponsors.

We advocate for transparent and equitable public policy that supports sponsors, community schools, and, most importantly, students.

We maintain an expectation of accountability to effect positive change in Ohio’s public education and school choice systems.

We promote school choice and seek engagement of policy-makers and advocates to ensure full understanding of community schools and sponsors in Ohio.

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